Raleigh NC Real Estate Is Red Hot And The Population Is Growing

What’s the real estate market like in the City of Oaks? Did you know that is a nickname for the capital city of North Carolina? Raleigh real estate is red hot, as not only is the market right, but the city is rapidly growing. It is home to about half a million people, but that number will be much larger soon.

The median value for homes in Raleigh is right at around $250k, which isn’t bad for a city of that size in this day and age. Around 3% of the homes cost more than a million dollars. With so many people moving to the city, you can imagine that not all homes will be a bargain. Still, you can bet that you can find some sweet deals.

Just under 10 percent of the homes in Raleigh cost less than 100,000 dollars. Then there are those homes in the 100k to 200k range and on up to 250k. If you are searching out listings for properties in Raleigh, what is the price you are wanting to pay? Have you decided how much home you can afford yet? You will want to figure that out before you really start looking at all kinds of listings anyway. You don’t want to try and overextend yourself when you make the investment of buying a home.

According to one source, the number of homes and apartments total in Raleigh is just over 170,000. Home values are up for sure, but properties are still going to be discounted for the most part compared to years ago. Plus interest rates are still lower, and that makes for better deals of course. Find an agent, locate the right property, get the financing arranged and then you can start working to close on your home purchase in Raleigh NC.